Our approach

Real, not posed

Nothing we show should ever feel like stock imagery.

Modern, not perfect

Authenticity is critical to connect with our key audiences. We want our photography to feel approachable yet aspirational.

Inclusive, not exclusive

We’re about real people at every tier of enterprise, of every walk of life, of every race, ethnicity, age, gender, and lifestyle.


This photography is used to help tell stories and celebrate human inspiration and expression. Shot with natural light in realistic settings, we want to convey a sense of energy and positivity, symbolic of the empowerment that the Amplitude brand gives every user and organization. The photos represent a range of expressive images that we feel best capture the spirit of our photographic style.

stock photo dance outside
stock photo dive pool


In studio

We’re introducing portraiture within a studio environment to provide control and contrast alongside the more editorial approach within the other categories. It’s important even at this level to observe the photography attributes and allow for a more fluid portrait approach, as opposed to stiff, overly serious staid moments. Portraits should capture a moment in time, natural to each individual.

stock photo woman portraitstock photo vr headset

Natural environment

We’re introducing people on location to bring more humanity, individuality, and reality to our brand system. We capture consumers, professionals, and customers—anyone who benefits from Amplitude. We use natural light when possible, in natural settings.

The images should feel honest and authentic, framing a real moment in time. To that end, subjects should be cast from the world of work, not models or talent. We should include a realistic cross-section of humanity, equally representing genders, ages, races, ethnicities, and styles.

The images shown are a representation of people in a natural environment that capture the spirit of our photographic style.

stock photo close upstock photo man with dog

Example applications

Real (a sense of place)

photo example incorrect

Not real (fake, staged)

Modern (not bound by the expected office, showing the new workplace)

Cliché (typical scenarios with people staring and pointing at screens)

Approachable and natural expressions

photo example incorrect

Excessively serious and posed