The palettes

The Amplitude color system consists of three tiers:

Color palette:

Consisting of Amplitude Blue and eight complementary accent colors.

Amplitude blue swatchdark blue swatchdark teal swatchred swatchlight purple swatchlight blue swatchlight teal swatchpink swatch

Black and white:

All typography primary colors are set in black or white. Type color depends on the background color it sits on. White plays an important role in our brand identity, helping to create a sense of space and simplicity.


A family of grays are used to complement the rest of our color system and create tonal depth.

black and whiteneutrals

Color composition

Here is our guidance on how prominently to apply each color within our primary palette within compositions. Some colors should be applied more prominently than others. It is important that this balance is met within each composition to ensure it remains on brand for consistency and recognition.

Color and our logo

The Amplitude logo can only ever be set in black, white, and Amplitude Blue.

To learn more about usage guidelines, see
Amplitude Logo
logo blacklogo white on bluelogo blue

Typography and color

Typography can be applied in black-on-white backgrounds and white-on-black backgrounds. Typography can also be applied in one of the Amplitude Grays, depending on the background color. Use Gray 10 to 50 for typography on black backgrounds and Gray 60 to 100 for typography on white backgrounds.

For more on how we use type, see
on light typeon dark type

Typography can be applied in black- or white-on-colors from the Amplitude Primary Palette. Set typography in black when sitting on a light color background and in white when sitting on a dark color background.

dark colorslight colors