Voice and Tone

Voice and tone are how we sound when we speak or write. Our voice is our character and our tone is our character’s expression. This brings our brand personality to life. It expresses who we are and how we act, and influences what our audience thinks and feels about us. Applying our brand voice consistently means we can set Amplitude apart.

We’re the world’s foremost experts on product-led growth, but we can’t sound like know-it-alls.”

At Amplitude, our tone is supportive, not just informative. It’s about being down to earth, not aloof. And while this is business-to-business communication, it should always feel human-to-human.

What does that sound like? Think of it as a conversation with a colleague or friend:

  • You don’t try to sound smarter than they do or use words that will “impress” them.

  • You don’t drone on and on, and you don’t let something go over their heads without going back to explain it.

  • You talk to them, you listen to them, and if you do it right, you both learn something.

Messaging attributes

We have four key attributes that guide our voice and tone:

  • Be brief.

  • Be real.

  • Be conversational.

  • Be relevant.

Get our voice and tone right with our

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Be brief
Be real
Be conversational
Be relevant