Grids and Motifs

grid examples

The grid

The Amplitude grid system is the primary framework by which all visual and verbal communications are organized. Our grid adapts to screen size and orientation—no matter what device or medium—to ensure consistency across all layouts.


You can apply this basic grid anatomy to any composition no matter what shape or size, in digital or print.

grid application

2D motifs

Create expressive compositions using our color palette applied to simple geometric shapes—a sum of parts that together expresses the tone and sensibility of data-driven infographics. These compositions are intentionally artful, creating an ownable brand aesthetic that can be applied as backgrounds to content.

2d motif examples


Create expressive compositions on grids using columns and rows in multiples of twos. Apply this rule to all grids no matter what size, shape, or format you apply the composition to. Using this grid enables different compositions to feel varied but aesthetically consistent. Shown is an example of how to design a composition on this grid system sitting behind content.

grid and content
do and do not motifs

Shape rules

Each composition can be a mixture of curves and straight lines. However, compositions can never consist of only straight lines—they must always have at least one curve. The exception to this rule is any composition created in 3D.


The Amplitude brand uses 2D shapes to add texture and express abstract concepts. These shapes can be used as a background texture or as the main composition within an ebook cover or a word mark.

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3D expressions

The Amplitude identity system is designed to flex from recessive to expressive—to feel smart, dynamic, and responsive. We are not one-note but a sum of parts that works in harmony. The 3D expressions add to this approach as assets in our identity system that offer tone and depth to the Amplitude visual language. The intent is to continually build and evolve the 3D library, developing it over time to represent diversity and reflect different sensibilities.

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3d motifs


Our 3D expressions are predominantly used for premium applications—special events, out-of-home communications, and above-the-fold digital applications.

Like photography and illustration, these assets should be considered as a tonal expression of our brand.

event stage motifs 3d
motifs 3d applicationsmotifs 3d applications 2